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TERRITORY: Europe (Excl. ES/PT) and UK

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AVAILability: March 2023 

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Texas is so well known as a blues incubator that a new guitarist from the Lone Star State is hardly news. But Dylan Bishop's blend of shuffles, jump blues, and rock and roll is attracting the attention of in-the-know listeners from near and far, with Jimmie Vaughan,  Wes RaceĀ­ (the man who brought Son Seals to Alligator Records) in Fort Worth, and David Mac of Blues Junction Productions in southern California among Bishop's noteworthy supporters. 

Bishop plays with an assured touch and sings with confident style. He brings the deep sounds of more than half a century ago into the present with thrilling immediacy. Slow-drag R&B, swinging blues, hard shuffles, desolate slow blues, and raw, blasting rock and roll are on tap, evoking influences like Johnny "Guitar" Watson, T-Bone Walker, Otis Rush, Goree Carter.

"I started playing guitar when I was 7. At first, I was more into classic rock. When I found the old stuff, it pretty much became my main thing. I was struck by the sincerity behind it. It was unlike anything I'd ever heard. It was so raw." Dylan came up playing in the rich Dallas/Fort Worth blues scene and moved down to Austin after graduating school. That has served as his home base since as he continues traveling, writing and soaking in the influence of all the styles of music that resonate with him including blues, folk and rock and roll.

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Dylan Bishop

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