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This is LOVSKI is the brand new act of Bosnian-Dutch musician Igor Sekulović. At the age of 9 Igor was forced to flee his country during the Yugoslavian war. He left his home, but his passion for the sounds of the Balkan always stayed with him.

Over the past 6 years Igor has toured the bigger European festivals with his Balkan band Projekt Rakija. The band was a guaranteed festival hit and well known for the energetic Balkan parties they created together with their audience. Simultaneously, producer and songwriter Igor immersed himself in his other passion: electronic music. In search of the ultimate danceable and authentic sound, he experimented with urban styles, reggae rhythms and the power of analog synths. It was in the summer of 2018 that Igor decided to end Projekt Rakija and fully focus on a new worldbeat act that allowed him to combine South-East European sounds with his new electronic productions. Enter: This is LOVSKI.

Peter Schütz joined and together with Igor he became the foundation of the live formation. With his exotic surf-sound and thrilling energy, frontman and guitarist Igor Sekulović guides his audience into an eclectic This is LOVSKI party. Peter Schütz is the beating heart of the band with his keys, bass synth, ableton sounds and accordion. Dani van Gaalen (drums) and Anne Simkens (vocals) add ele-gance and attitude using deep drumbeats versus dreamy vocals and an exciting performance. To-gether, these four form the base of This is LOVSKI and are complemented by an alternating horn sec-tion, formed by a.i. Ron Antens (trombone) and Coen Witteveen (baritone sax/ alt sax).

This is LOVSKI cannot be pinpointed into one genre. The electronic music is mixed with different styles such as urban, dub, reggae, surf and the always seducing Eastern melodies. The music guides you onto a global, borderless journey. To golden sunsets, steaming parties in undiscovered cities, Eastern fata morganas and raw realities. This is LOVSKI brings people together and makes the world dance!

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